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Nootropic Elixir

✍️ Can’t seem to stay focused?😀 Kids driving you mad?πŸ“Š An important work presentation that you need to nail?βœ… Cue Nootropic Elixir, an exciting formula supporting memory, stress reduction, concentration, and, when taken daily, long-term brain health. Scientifically supported with ayurvedic botanicals, to make this world-class elixir.

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Wellness Mule ✨

Wellness Mule ✨ This light and refreshing beverage is packed with ingredients chosen to support mental wellness.* Not too sweet, the perfect way to dress up and enhance the kombucha and rose flavors of Adaptogen Elixir, making it a sip-able refreshment to share.  Ingredients:  β€’ 1 bottle

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